After almost 40 years of experimenting, developing and using wax and dyes as a painting medium, I still find the process fascinating. I feel that I have come to the place in my career where I am not just experimenting with a medium I developed, but an instrument that has become a part of my thought processes. The medium is as much a part of my message as the message itself. It is an exciting place to be in my life as an artist.

Looking back over my painting career, I have had a tendency to work in series. The works submitted here are beginnings and endings of a couple of them. The flags are endings of my Commemoration series done in 1970 and 1997; “Blues at the Beach” is the beginning of a new series exploring the seeming obliviousness of the “haves” and the “have-nots” to each other in our culture. “Anchored in the Spirit” is an on going series that explores the synthesis of African and Christian iconography in African American religious ritual. “Targeted Man” explores the times in which we live. Terrorism has changed how we view each other and blurred the line between hunter and hunted

All of my works have deep roots in my experiences growing up in the South but my intent, as always, is to explore the human condition. It is this exploration, I believe, that makes art endearing and enduring.

S.C.U.S. Landscape with Two Cows, 18” x 24”, 2008